Visiting Attik

yesterday i hopped on a train to Leeds and met up with Attik's Co-Founder James Sommerville. James was kind enough to give up a few hours of his precious time to talk to me about his agency and his experiences of being a creative director and how him and his partners have gone about building one of the world's most respected creative agencies.

the leeds offices are very well cared for and make a big impression. it felt very unusual finding a creative environment like theirs outside of london. i've been in grand studios before and seen some of the world's top creatives at work, but it's usually at a prestigious london address. The attik office is split over three floors. Reception and office on the ground floor, studio on the next and a meeting room at the top (not disimilar to our current set up). all prestine and full of their work on proud display.

even though james directs multiple global brand projects and has a great deal of demand on his time, he was happy to spend a few hours talking with me. i learnt more in the time i spent at attik than any 'design trainer' could offer in a year. we discussed location, opening offices, attracting good staff, approaching clients, pitching, international brand mentality, portfolios etc etc.

it's really nice to find people who have achieved a huge amount and become widely respected without becoming self important. I'm massively thankful for the chance to get inside a top agency and hear about it's inner workings. hopefully i'll be able to take all the things i've learned and apply them here to our ongoing mission.

My travel pack
1. manbag with reading material
2. glasses
3. business cards
4. phil's ds
5. notebook (full of questions)
6. research material
7. water
8. umberella (it is the north)
9. camera
10. phone (since broken and replaced)
11. ipod, fully loaded
12. wallet.

the long journey

attik's leeds office