Rip off!

it feels like every time i open a trade publication there is at least one new story about an ad agency that has been caught ripping off some thing.

I think youtube was the worst thing to happen to advertising. I know there are great creative teams out there, so why just hit the search button when you get a brief!?

It really pisses me off. Particularly when it comes from larger agencies. I have come to expect people taking short cuts when they are in small agencies scratching about, trying to climb the ladder.

a recent role call of bad behaviour looks like this...

fallon's much awarded gorilla viral

sugar puffs does mighty boosh crimping

wcrs's think campaign

fallon (again) bravia play doh ad

people say 'there are no new ideas' but if your going to take an old idea and make something new of it, then you need to make sure it is something new and not a sad cover version. the people involved in these campaigns are well paid and should be fired for releasing such blatantly lazy solutions. If i was the client i would be ripping heads off.