Preview web update

when we designed and built the preview site last year. we had a list of things to explore for phase 2. at the start of this year i began work on phase 2. we gathered comments and feedback from people who had used the site. we also used google analytics to work out which items people looked at and which items had been ignored.

the update includes
  1. news feed to the homepage
  2. animation showreel
  3. new work in all portfolio sections
  4. new info on partners and process
  5. improved typographic grids
  6. a new cms plugged in to the news section
  7. additional imagery
  8. new flash templates for all work and pics
i'm very pleased with it all. it was certainly much smoother than the first phase as we were building on a strong foundation this time. it also includes the new portfolio shots which i'm happy with. there are no further plans for the site at this stage. so we'll live with it for a bit longer and see if anything comes up. the news and portfolio will continue to grow so remember to come back and check for updates.