location, location, location

how much difference does location make to an agency?

I know the usual response is 'none, we can do it all via email, phone and video chat', but when marketing managers are hiring designers do they want/need them to be near? or do they just look out for agencies based in london, because they are the best? i don't know. but it's something we've all been talking about here in the office. we are considering moving and like all agency moves location is top of the debate list.

i had an interesting chat with paul at generation press. they have been based out in the countryside for years and they love it. their press is in a converted barn. i'm not against the whole barn idea, but i fear i might go feral after a few years.

i've worked in brighton and london. both have benefits, although the crowds and grime in london got to me after a while. i was very pleased to get out in the end. i guess the best of both worlds would be having a big hq in the country and another studio in the city. but then your running the risk of segregation and consistency issues. but you would still get to go cow tipping after work.