zombies, monkeys, kung foo, music.

when i was growing up i wanted to be a comic artist or a graphic designer. for a long time i was moving towards the comic world. in those days i fanatically followed 2000ad and from there i started reading Tank Girl. the art work stood out as much as the attitude and chaos of the stories. Skip forward to 2001, i'm sitting there in my brit pop blur tshirt when i hear about damon albarn and jamie hewlett working together on a new cross media project called gorillaz. needless to say i shit my pants.

the combination of damon's tireless musical progression and jamie's uniquely twisted artwork worked perfectly. not only did it look and sound great, but the entire approach to the project appealed to me.

so far i've got the two albums and the cd/dvd remix set. i've got the two dvds and the book. i've yet to see them live in any capacity. but it doesn't stop with the gorillaz albums. Jamie and Damon worked together a stage show called Monkey and are on the verge of releasing a documentary based on footage of them working together.

I'm hooked i love following the collaboration and i wish more visual and musicial would come
together, bringing what they are best at. Back in my Victoria Real days we shared a building with Jamie Hewlett and it wasn't until i was about to leave that i realised. Needless to say if i had the chance again i'd be hanging round his studio like a bad smell.