I was following links around the web on my lunch break and i came across Noisy Decent Graphics. It's a good blog to read for designers. There was a particular post that stood out to me. Ben, the blog's writer, has entered his tenth year as a designer. It's also my tenth year in the game and i've been doing some reminiscing. When i graduated i really didn't know very much about working as a designer or how design agency worked, but i did know that's what i wanted to do. Not every step of the way has been fun and fullfilling, particularly when the recession came along and levelled the creative industry. The past three years have been the hardest, but certainly the most rewarding. Today i feel very lucky to be in the position i'm in and i have high, high hopes for the coming years.

I've learnt a great deal and i've often thought about how i'd like to pass on what i've learnt, but i guess that makes me sound like i rate my opinion quite highly. I know that if i could tell the 1998 version of me a few things i certainly would.