Start an agency, start a blog

while back i was thinking up genius new ideas for design books, after i had my 'how to be a designer' book idea scuppered by someone much better writing it first. i thought it would be great to detail the first 18 months of an angency. A full warts and all account of how an agency comes in to life and the road to establishing a business. wicked, good idea. how the f**k do you start writing that? keep a blog i thought. write a blog about how it all goes and include photos, you could then trot off to a publisher and say "here's my very popular blog, give me an editor and we'll publish it".

once again, someone has beaten me to it. well to be fair they haven't published it yet, but still it's a great blog about three founders taking the plunge and trying to start an agency from scratch. good luck to them all, i shall stay tuned to see it unfold.