Inspiration from others

People are my biggest inspiration. i take a lot from reading about people, their approach to work, their struggles, their achievements and thier inspirations. Who and what inspires me changes constantly but these are the people influencing me today...

1. Jonathan Ive, Apple. It's not just that he designs surpisingly beautiful products, it's that he stuck with Apple through a shitty time and came out on top

2. Stanley Kubrick. He had the unflinching support of a major production company. He lived comfortably and securely with his family around him, yet a short distance from his work. Completely free to make the best films he possibly could.

3. Frida Giannini, Gucci. She is slowly but surely bringing the Gucci brand forward and in to the future. Very intelligent, very stylish.

4. Ross Brawn, Honda F1. Formerly Tech director at Ferrari and widely known to be the brains behind their success. Now he has set about building Honda in to a leading team. I have no doubt he will do it.

5. Jamie Hewlett. Tank Girl, Gorillaz, Monkey, Phoo Action - all his work, looks like his own, but each project is totally different from the last. Comics, Videos, Live performance, Opera costumes the lot.

6. Coco Chanel. She is cool. Look at her. Still looks awesome.

7. Christopher Nolan. Main stream and still highly intelligent with his integrity in tact. A very difficult balance to achieve. He seems he is in total control of his projects.

8. My Wife. I know this is cheesy, but as much as i like to look at famous people for inspiration, no one has ever given me as strong a steer through the world as she has. It's handy living with a genius.

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