I'm going to Attik

I am so excited it's hard to type without doing stupid keyboard things whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa like that.

Towards the end of last year, after a series of flukes, i got the opportunity to meet Poke's creative director and discuss clients, pitching, building creative teams and general life as a creative director. It honestly was one of the high points in my career and i valued ever minute of it. In fact everyone here is utterly sick of hearing about it.

So i thought 'that was pretty amazing, who else can i meet?' well top of my list was James Sommerville, Founder and Global Creative Director at Attik. For those of you who don't know who Attik are - are you stupid? They are only one of the leading creative agencies in the world. They have a truely unique story and a completely different approach, which has made me a fan since back in the day.

I emailed James and simply asked if you could spare a little time to give me advice on being a CD and remarkably he said 'yes'. So in a couple of weeks i'm going to get my arse on the train and go up to his Leeds office. I'm cacking rivers of excitement and anticipation. I really need to get some good questions and topics worked out. I'm contemplating taking a camera, but that might be too sad and creepy, even for me.