This morning's pitch

Early this morning myself and paul (our sales director) set off for our first pitch of the year. Over the course of last week we prepared our presentation and worked out the final details of the creative proposal.

we went fully loaded for this one with creative board (15 of them), credential docs, cost projections and proposed schedules. we took it all seriously as we are keen on bagging this one. it could potentially be a very client to work with.

as with all time pressured work. equipment plays a big part in delivering, however we were not so lucky as our big bertha printer ran in to some difficulties, but here at preview we don't let things like that slow us down.

the pitch went off without any problems and the client seemed to respond very positively to our work. we got some good feedback and we hope to hear over the next few days if we won or not.

i won't ever predict pitch outcomes, because it's never as straightforward as you think and there are always a great deal of factors that are out of our hands when the final decision is to be made. i've done some pitches that i thought were awful and won it. as well as other pitches which i felt were in the bag, which we didn't get. so we can never tell. fingers and toes crossed.

after our final internal review it's tim to get exporting the pdf files for print

after some final tweaks it's getting late, but no time for sleep.

and the printer gives up on me.

the final stack of creative work comes in at a satisfyingly tall stack.

we unleash our fancy new binding system once the creds and costings are ready.

the glamour never stops in the media world as we jump in to our pitch wagon.