Recent Activity

A lot has been going on around these parts. Here are some of the things i've been up to lately...

- Welcoming Rob our new developer
- Preview strategy meeting/review
- Met with Paul at Generation Press regarding Preview's DM work
- Kick off meeting with our new client Vector
- Photo editing and retouching for the Criterion branding
- Account planning and costings for Vector
- Picked up samples from Gen Press
- Interviewed two Northbrook students for an internship
- Scoured Creative Brief for new projects
- Meeting with Holiday Options to go over updates this year's brochures
- Rendering our showreel for our site (update due next month)
- Writing a reusable high street bag proposal
- Reading the Advertising Handbook (laughably out of date)
- Bidding on 80's football toys for our website update
- Writing notes in my BB Saunders 365 book.
- Creating User profiles for Vector
- Discussing a possible rebrand for two law firm's merger
- Designing a press ad for Don Palmer to go in Evo magazine

phew, that's not even all of it. i feel knackered looking at that list. it just about covers the past couple of weeks.