P2P (people 2 people)

i recently read a book on creating direct mail for b2b clients. sounds electric i know! not a badly written book by any measure. it certainly has some good tips for those wishing to learn more about direct mail campaigns.

it got me thinking though. i've really always struggled with the whole b2b/b2c premise. i realise that the decision making process for businesses and customers is very different, largely as one is generally weighted by cost and rationality, however i don't think it's all together wise to separate it up like that.

fundamentally the process of attracting someone with advertising/branding/design/marketing is the same regardless if they are at work or not. there still needs to be a real emotional connection made. it's still important to strive for loyalty beyond reason .

i've decided to pioneer a new model of creative called p2p (people 2 people). it's all too easy for designers and strategists to forget that it's still a matter of people talking to other people. the unquantifiable emotional response that happens when someone has contact with a brand is really not possible to dismiss, even when it's weighted by budget and policy.