Out of town

I've found some brain shakingly good work recently and none of it has come out of London. Of course there are some great London based agencies that everyone talks about like Madethought, BBSaunders, Blast etc etc but it seems that lately each time i find a really great portfolio its from an agency or creative who is based out of the city.

Here are some of my favourites...

Paperjam simply beautiful. I recommend getting a copy of their Brand Personality publication.

RGB Studio. Former member of the Attik team and featured in the current issue of IDN.

I Like Blue. Like RGB Studio, this portfolio is from the Love/Thompson stable of talent.

Touch. Worth digging through to see some incredibly well crafted print work.

Hurson. This is a new one to me. Simple site, high quality work all round.

The Consult. A personal favourite of mine. Everything they touch is golden.

Attik. It's been at least 5 minutes since i blogged about them. I could teach a course on these guys. Their recent work for Coke has been incredible. Look and learn, they are the ones who showed us how to do it properly.