Herding Cats

This morning was the first half of our agency strategy meeting. Basically myself and the other two directors locked ourselves away in a secret location (it's HR Manager, Nicky's house really) and review the year and make plans for the coming 12 months.

We had so much to cover this year, that we decided to split it in to two meetings, one this week and another next week. We covered staffing, recruitment, a creative review, office space and profitability amongst other things. Next week it's on to Sales, Marketing, roles and overall strategy.

Today was really about covering the past 12 months and routing out any problems. The exciting bit is still to come. The plans for the coming year is the part that really gets me giddy with enthusiasm. We tend to keep this kind of meeting as tightly controlled as possible, we plan them very closely so there are no meandering discussions or random stories. Quick and effective. Which is in fact my aim for the coming year. To make us as lean and mean as possible. Cut the fatty bits and bulk up. We've done some good work recently and we can confidently stand up to any of our competitors and now we need to do some great work so we can stand above and beyond them.