cross pollination

i'm always trying to see in to other people's design studios. I take a huge amount of inspiration from getting out and seeing where other people work. There is something about the environment which people create around them that fascinates me. I've often wondered how much of a bearing creative environments have on the work which is outputted.

Since i got a chance to meet simon waterfall and see inside poke i've been wondering where else i'd like to see and who i'd like to meet. my dream list goes something like this...

jonathan ive at apple
paul smith in covent garden
the new aston martin design studio
frank gehry's studio in la

after i wrote this is realised there aren't any graphic design studios on there. i've always tried looking in to other design disciplines and taking approaches and ideas from other areas to bring in. but at the moment there aren't really any studios that i feel i could take from in terms of original set ups and environments. they all tend to look the same after a few years. for a good example of the usual format for design studios you can look at Howard Smith's book documenting the inside of some of the UK's best known design studios. Lot's of flat screens, joining veneer desks, white shelves and creative review posters.