Creative Directors

i'm not one for blogging about blogs, but i found my way on to Scamp recently and enjoyed reading another Creative Director's blog. I particularly liked reading this review of who is moving around in the London Advertising scene.

I love reading about other CD's and how they are evaluated. It's purely ad focussed, so there is emphasis on tv spots created and d&ad pencils won, but it still gives you a view in to inter-agency goings on, particularly reading the comments below.

Thinking about the regional design industry it would be quite interesting to write a similar description of the CD moves in the area. As well as my posting here Mosaic, Bellman, Vision, TDG and Designate all got new creative directors. I've heard various things about each of them and i wonder how they'd compare to each other when stacked up like this.

Also whilst reading this i couldn't help but notice the similarity in how each of the players look. It seems we are close breed. On the other end of the spectrum you'll find WK London's Noe Kuremoto. Just look at those shoes, look! awesome.