Books / D&AD and me

D&AD announced that Neville Brody will designing the next D&AD annual. I've heard it can be somewhat of a poison chalice, your work gets promoted around the world to your peers, but equally it's a mighty task that will be scrutinised by designers of all levels. I don't have any doubts that Brody is up to the task and can bring something fresh to the publication. I've enojoyed watching the comments crop up on the blog rounds already.

- - - - - - -

On an extremely teniously related note, the book i designed and self published arrived last week. i'm glad i did this experiment. i can see the limits and quirks quite clearly. amongst the glitches i found along the way are that...
  • it seems to have problems with full bleed pages
  • it adds 3pp to the start for binding purposes
  • the cover is sealed with a gloss sheet
  • cover artwork needs to be bold, as it only allows jpegs
  • you have to allow for the hinge on the front cover etc etc
i took the opportunity to take some snaps of it and update my holding/home page.