Agency League Tables

At this time of year everyone gets in to review the year and doing top tens and all that stuff. I was reading the agency league tables in campaign recently and it got me thinking about the raft of agencies in this area. We don't have any kind of progress or performance charts, so it's hard to review competitors on anything but heresay.

However the distinct lack of facts is not enough to stop me spouting off...

Vgroup have had a major year. The shift from Vision to Vgroup seemed like an unusual tactic, but it clearly marked a new direction for the new team. With a shiny new creative team in place and some key appointments to bolster their digital offering they have landed some killer, huge contracts. If there was a league table Vgroup would be romping it at top this year.

After making the move in to Brighton, getting a new CD and rebranding, O&G started off the year by making some waves, however news from inside has tailed off in the later half of the year. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the new work from this awesome team in 2009.

Mosaic has been uncharacteristically quiet this year. After a rocky year which saw most of the creative team move to Killer, the new team seems to be growing again. Aside from some brand work, there has been no news of new work or accounts. no doubt there is a lot more to come from them in the new year.

The lewes based team has been slow coming forward with new work this year. This is more than likely a reflection of losing their creative lead to Mosaic.

The big boys of brighton Designate lost their CD this year, but a new one has been found and the effects of the new creative director are starting to show in the new website. Good news for the team as they managed to secure a place on the BBC's roster, one of the only agencies outside of London to do so. Still giving a strong showing in the industry press and still leading the pack in terms of size.

Killer Creative
Killer started off with a bang, press releases and new account wins seemed to be flowing freely. However things have gone very, very quiet this year.

The team at Red have been carrying on with business as usual. Still the number one agency for young designers to watch, still chalking up the album sleeves, still at the cutting edge of fashion. The most notably move from Red has to be there continued development in to motion work, largely for PSP.

Wild Dog
These guys are the dark horse (of my imaginary league). Wild Dog have been hitting the headlines recently and impressing all round. A new site with a raft of new clients was unveiled earlier in the year and would clearly move them up the rankings. Ones to watch.

Of course there are other good agencies around and lot's of good work happening, but these are the ones who stand out in my mind.