ok, so the time for making stupid comments about the 2012 logo has passed. like most things that are run up the tabloid flagpole very little attention has been given to the details of this work. frankly how self styled 'celebrities' feel about it means fuck all. Wolff Olins are the UK's best branding agency and if they say that we'll all be making pink jagged type in four years time, then i for one am going to listen to them. When it comes to branding these guys litterally wrote the book on it. So now that everyone has stopped jumping up and down let's remember two facts that have been overlooked.

1. this is an identity. not a logo. nobody paid 400k for a logo. wolff olins has produced a huge international brand campaign that covers tv spots, press ads, guidelines, signage, research, planning, documentation, websites etc etc

2. this is for 2012, not 2008. the agency was given the unenviable task of creating a cutting edge and memorable identity for four to five years time. we are judging the aesthetics by today's standards and all indications are that this work is bang on target.

So let's move on and stop calling for a return to those tired old script/landmark/leaping figures marques. It's not going to happen. In an attempt to position ourselves back on the cultural map we are holding ourselves back by being too scared to progress.

I'm glad everyone has stuck to their decisions and i was pleased to read patrick cox's comments on the matter.