Sussex? Enterprise?

earlier in the year we approached the south's chamber of commerce Sussex Enterprise about redesigning their monthly publication Business Edge. As it turns out it was not the job for us, so we moved on, no hard feelings, we just don't have the resource or interest in the project once we learned more about it. that's fine i'm happy with that.

However what i'm not happy about is the recent news that they have now awarded their entire publishing deal to a company based in Hertfordshire. Please tell me if i'm missing the point here, but isn't Sussex Enterprise's entire reason for existing to support and develop commerce IN SUSSEX!

Why the fuck would an organisation whose objective is to help trade and industry IN SUSSEX give a meaty big contract like that to someone in Hertfordshire? Did anyone involved in this decision see the hypocrisy?

I have no problem with the new publisher i'm sure they are more than capable and i have no problem with the fact it's not my agency. But for the love of fuck can we at least give it to someone who is actually IN SUSSEX