Pitch bomb

sometime back we were asked by an exsisting client to pitch for a christmas campaign. it was an akward job due to some decisions that had been made about their branding and advertising earlier in the year. never the less we put our minds to it and pulled together a presentation of ideas. it wasn't a big job, so we didn't go full throttle. we got a call this week to let us know we didn't get it. in fact no one really did. they had decided to do part of the campaign themselves and hand the rest to another agency.

usually at this point agencies say 'we've decided to explore other initiatives' or 'this creates an opportunity for us to focus on other areas'. it's very hard to diguise the fact that we competed and lost. i take these moments very badly, the first time i lost a pitch was a biggy. my wife had to talk me back from the brink of madness.

the aspect i really wrestle with in these moments is when i can't understand the client's decision. on this occasion we heard the creative that won was utterly off brief and seemingly unrelated to any of the client's other material. i don't understand the concept behind either. it easier for me to accept when i see the competing agency put in a pitch that was far better than ours. it's so frustating that i wish there was another opportunity to explain why our ideas were better - but that's madness on toast.

it's a stinker but i try not to let it effect the team or any other work. the real oddity is that the same day the decision was made/announced the marketing manager resigned and walked out. related?