i'm making a book

i'm so excited about a little project i've got going on in the background. in my spare (yeah right) time i'm pulling together a quick design and layout for a book.

i found a link to lulu.com which appears to be an online facility for printing and publishing various items. if i'm right you can upload artwork and get very small, if not one, item printed. it sounds like there is a major catch, but i can't find it. so i'm putting together a design for an a5 hardback book. it should cost less than £20. in fact the more i write, the more i find it hard to believe, but it's good to give it a try.

I thought about what i could use for the experiment and i didn't want to hang about making decisions because if i do, it won't happen. so i've kept it simple and filled the pages with my portfolio and work samples. it's really just a collection of stuff i've designed in the past five or so years (older than that is generally too old). in no special order, with no regard to the commercial relevance or success of the work. just creative explorations and achievements.

if it works and it looks good it will be a wicked little item to have and it will be my new favourite site that i use for publishing books left, right and centre.