07 Objectives Review

Each year i set myself out a list of objectives. Over the course of the year i'll check in and see how i'm going. i don't let myself change them over the year, as they can act as a good reference point for how i was thinking at that point in the year.

I've toyed with the idea of posting my objectives here and sharing my plans. Half of me think 'it's stupid and too intrusive' and the other half thinks 'fuck it, put them out there, bare it all'. Needless to say the latter won out.

Firstly here are the objectives i set for 2007:

1. refresh the preview brand
Done. It was a long road to the heart of this brief, but we managed to roll out Preview's refined branding to all of our marketing material. The new site was a particularly involved project, but certainly not as potracted as most agency's self branding exercises.

2. Pitch for and win 1 new big client
ALmost. Well Yes, but No. Kind of. We have pitched for and a fully serviced client, however we can't claim they are totally 'new', as it's formed of director's from another major client. However it was a competitive pitch and full branding project. The size of it has really not been fully explored yet either.

3. Enhance our working space
Done. Not an easy task by any measure, but i drove the overhaul of our new space and very nice it is too. Our new space feels like a new lease of life. It also makes me much happy coming here everyday and we are no longer keen to steer clients away from it.

4. Expand studio with at least one designer
Failed. Various recruitment issues have tied up way more money, time and resource than i could have ever foreseen. So sadly this has not happened. We did manage to meet some very talented creative designers, but nothing has happened with this.

5. Arm sales drive with ALL the tools imaginable
Done. Bit of a stupidly phrased objective this, but i'm happy we have everything we really need. There are opportunities to create more items, however these will come out of our marketing plan for 2008.

6. create a project flow system
Done, but not fully implemented. I have worked (and reworked) on this over the course of the year. It seems everyone is clear on how projects will flow through the company, but we've struggled to consolidate this in to one definitive item.

7. Build a wide pool of freelance resources
Done. We need to be nimble and we need to have good people around us for project to project work flow increases. Fortunately we've met some awesome designers, animators and developers over the course of the year and i'm much more confident we have the back up when needed.

8. Establish Preview in the local market place
Done. Not a very good obecjtive to set really. It's not measurable without massive amounts of research and analysis. However we have made some great connections with local organisations (CIM, Wired Sussex, SCDF, Cadia etc). We are being invited to take part in more design focussed events and groups. So i feel happy that it's been completed.

- - - - - - -

2008 - This is what i've set out for the coming year.

1. Expand the creative team
This has to be top of the list as i failed i to achieve it last year. We need more capacity for bigger, more ambitious work. There is going to be a little leap of faith before expanding, but i'm going to drive this until it happens. I have big plans for our team and it's time to get them moving.

2. Win at least one new client pitch
We have a number of pitch opportunities lined up already, so i'm setting the bar low on this one. All i expect to do is win one of them. Nothing more, nothing less. A completely new client from a competitive, creative pitch process.

3. Execute our marketing plan as scheduled
I spent a lot of time pulling our plan together and it's going to be a real test for me to see it through to completion.

4. build a secure extranet for proofing and signing off work
I've been eyeing this up for a while. Now it's time to develop a new system for proofing our work externally and getting it signed off.

5. develop the "15" project for 2009
Shhhh. This is my big future project that i intend on launching in 2009. It's going to need lot's of work this year. So my intention is to get complete buy-in from the whole company and get production and planning moving.

6. add copywriters to our freelance roster
I've been looking for traditional copwriters for ages. People with agency experience who haved worked in creative teams (art director and copywriter) and can develop campaigns and taglines. It seems really hard to find this type of copywriter outside of London. I'm determined to attract some good talent over the course of 08

6. Find a CD mentor
I've talked alot about this recently. I'm really keen to get this working for me now. There are loads of areas i'd like advice on and lot's of plans that i'd like to run past a more experienced creative director.

- - - - - - -

That's it. Nothing in there scares me too badly. Lot's in there that's excites me. I won't change them over the year and i'll keep revisiting them and ticking them off as time goes by. I have a bunch of other objectives that i keep toying with but some are not in any way measurable and some are madness. Others include Extending our national reach, Beefing up our 'full service' offering by developing copywriting, motion & marketing as new services, Entering more business/creative awards schemes, Improving ties with local colleges & universities
etc etc.

So many plans, so little time.