Wired Sussex Portfolio Clinic/Designers Night

Last week we took part in Wired Sussex's annual series of events. Firstly it was the Portfolio Clinic which is essential a room full of design professionals offering advice and feedback to students, graduates, freelancers etc on their portfolios. it was great to be in one room with so many other local designers and chat with our peers. the whole evening seemed really long and exhausting my advice was probably much more useful and coherent at the start of the event, as the complimentary wine was all that fuelled me towards the end. although it was knackering, it was also a lot of fun and i'm a big supporter of this event. i'd certainly be up for mucking in again next year.

on friday it was 'designers night' - bit of an unusual title as it implies only designers are allowed, much a like some kind of 'gentlemen's club' or 'ladies night'. anyways the presentations varied from high quality design and art direction to less welcome sales pitches from suppliers (stock galleries, sound designers etc). whilst it was great to hear from the speakers and the opportunity to meet up with some friends and former colleagues was nice, the whole evening felt tainted by one fucked heckler. during one of the better presentation one member of the audience took it upon herself to point out the supposed futility of graphic experimentation. i'm not against expressing an opposing opinion, but this was very little more than attention seeking and misplaced aggression. sadly the organisers left it to the speaker (!) to deal with this nightmare. the poor bugger was stranded on stage while she hurled abuse and the rest of the audience turned nasty on her. it was not fun seeing someone literally dragged from the venue. it would have been better if the host had controlled the situation, but i guess it's not the kind of event where these things usually break out. i mean it's not exactly the united nations is it.