switching channels

the very best aspect of working for a full service agency is the range of projects i turn my hand to. this week alone i've been involved in interface design, print design, photography and motion design. i love the diversity. i keeps me in touch with the fundamentals of design. moving from one process and medium to another you are able to pick out which parts of the process are the same. i love learning new production methods and technologies and i often wonder how far i could take the same skill set.

product design and fashion design are clearly very far removed, but are their routes the same as print? fundamentally i'd say no. neither fashion nor product design stems from communicating values through aesthetics. but both require the identification of the end user and the functionality of the finished item.

i read an interview with a 'web designer' years ago and one of his comments has really stuck with me. he said 'if i'm designing a website, a poster or a door the process would be exactly the same. give me anything and i'll tackle it'. while i admire the wish to explore i also realise the need for experts. i'm happy to get involved in motion design work, but i know where my limits lie and i have the phone number of the best motion designer in brighton. so as ringo said 'all i need to get by is a little help from my friends'.