Pitch Lists

New Business Development™ has always seemed like a dark art to me. i have just never worked out how one goes about getting new clients, knocking on doors or even finding a 'pitch list' or 'agency roster'.

the elusive 'pitch list' is something i've always been aware of but never really understood. where are they? who owns them? how does one get on them? my understanding of how design agencies are run has expanded hugely in the past year, but that is the area of the puzzle that remains fragmented. i'd like to get a 'new business developer' and lock them in a glass box, just do i can watch them at work.

someone recently pointed me in the direction of a couple of organisations that offer 'marketing services' - which actually translates as offering a recruitment agent style of service to marketing departments who want to hire design agencies. they hold lists of agencies and put different ones forward when their clients need agencies. my goal over the next six months is to get on as many of those lists as possible. oh yes 2008 is our year.