My recent NMA letter

Here is the letter i wrote to NMA this week...

Reading Paul Lee's comments on UK digital ad spend (Consumers prefer print ads for now NMA 08.11.07) re-ignited the old adage that 'Print is Dead'. It appears that the ultimate demise of traditional agencies models is far from happening.

You only have to glance over NMA's recent Top 100 list to see that the lines between online and offline agencies is blurring. Nearly 20 of the 100 leading digital agencies listed don't count digital as their core service. The pages of industry magazines are filling with reports of ad agencies winning digital pitches and digital agencies winning advertising pitches. Every other agency is securing digitally focussed creative talent to bolster their offering. It's no secret that in the past more traditional brand and ad agencies needed to keep up with the digital design world in order to survive, but it now seems that digital agencies need to watch their backs. Integrated agencies are gathering momentum and removing the need for marketing and brand managers to manage numerous creative agency rosters.

It would seem that placing the client's brand at the centre of your offering is now more important than taking complete control over one media stream. Is it true that the old dinosaurs are learning to adapt and survive?

We'll wait and see if this is published.