My coke habit

I work with brands. The world's biggest brand is Coke. You can see the appeal.

Coca Cola is like no other brand in the history of everything. Any bar, restaurant, cafe or beverage seller across the world is likely to sell it. They totally dominate their market. How many times have you ordered a JD and Virgin Cola?

Whilst i understand their global domination has not been achieved entirely on the merits of their product or on ethical business practice, but i'm bewildered by how far reaching and deeply ingrained it has become. i can't imagine any other brand reaching the same heights as Coca-Cola.

A couple of months ago Creative Review ran an article on the redesign of the Coke can and that was really the first time i took notice of their packaging. It's oftern said that 'the best design
is invisible' but it suddenly struck me their is a wealth of good graphics and advertising coming out of Coke right now.

I will happily admit that i don't drink the stuff and would never want to let my kids drinks it. But i've now got a nasty habit of collecting images, photos and cans. I've tried quitting, but i'm addicted. I love it.

my collection...