Fail to plan, plan to fail

We've done some good marketing of Preview over the past year, but to be honest there's not been the tightly executed plan that you'd expect from an agency who sells strategic campaigns. it hasn't been random scatterings, we had our objectives and tactics worked out but what we didn't have was a co-ordinated schedule of work and clear distinction of roles.

so as we come to the end of the year i've talked myself in to devising next year's marketing plan. it's been ages since i was involved in devising a strategic plan. it's another perfect opportunity for me to get lost in a new stream of thinking. i'm presenting the first draft at our next director's meeting and looking forward to having feedback. like our brand work it's a stripped back approach that focusses on a couple of key areas. no bullshit. no overly dense wedges of invalid information. clear. simple. that's the preview way.

i really do love planning and planners. the first time i worked with a planner was at chemistry. one planner in particular blew my mind. a huge amount fell in to place when i worked with a planner for the first time. when a planner presents facts, figures and plans it becomes a science. suddenly it's not about an aesthetic, it's not about which shade of green the client likes, it's about what gets the results and responses.

i'd really love to integrate planners in to more of our work at Preview. it really gives that edge over creative agencies that just say 'i think this is best'.