busy week

It's been another busy ass week in the studio. we've been interviewing front end developers, which seems endless. i've pretty much been looking for good developers in one form or another for the past year. but hopefully we've got to a good point in our search now. it seems that demand is outstripping supply right now, so developers can afford to be picky and can command a high price.

i've also been working on some client proposals - how many good christmas ideas are there out there?

i'm still struggling with our showreel, the difference between trying to produce motion work on and pc and a mac is huge. the last showreel i cut on my g4 laptop was over in two days, but this one is dragging on for weeks trying to negotiate screen draw and byte differences. it will be fantastic when it's done, but digging up all the old data to be captured and rendering the edits is not my favourite time waster.

we've also sent out some tasty chunks of work to the printers this week, so far we've polished off a brochure which included mettalic foil, silver ink and two types of gf smith colourplan stock, a set of business cards for our marketing portal project, a holiday brochure, an exhibition panel which is headed for singapore and we've also uploaded a beta version of our desktop app.

amazingly we've found time amongst all that to arrange this year's secret santa.