brand, brand branding

a while back i wrote up a piece on carrying out Preview's rebrand. as with most of my writing (this blog included) i'm not 100% happy with my finished work. i'm certainly not as happy with the write up as i am with the design work, which is probably the reason i'm a designer and not a copywriter.

however it's not the easiest project to undertake. a brand agency needs to have an impeccable brand otherwise nobody is ever going trust you with their own brand. on a much larger scale enterprise ig has now renamed and rebranded themselves. the brand union is not transformation i fell in love with. it doesn't carry the same warmth as wolff olins and it doesn't have the elite nature that attik brings. but there is still some interesting information on there for people like me who are looking to learn and get an insight in to their operation. i can't imagine many clients will fall in love with it or form any emotional attachment through their collateral.