Agency Expansion

Here at Preview we have some big plans for the next few years. Our intention is to increase in capacity, turnover and staff. One of the obvious problems is space. Whilst we have a relatively big space, it's clearly somewhere that would get very cosy, very quickly and to be honest i'd be reluctant to leave the building as we've all put so much work in to it. This train of thought lead me on to looking at how other agencies go about the business of opening new offices in to new areas. When i spoke to Simon at Poke, he told me about their new office in New York which was started by finding/head hunting three partners to head it up and run it. He also talked about the days of running Deepend when they would hire designers in other countries and have them work on briefs from the UK.

A whole new approach taken by WK was to essentially buy an agency in China and rebrand it as their own. This seems like a pretty good as long as you don't destroy a good agency in the process. It's pretty much an off the shelf new office, complete with clients and staff.

These thoughts fill my head with plans for taking over the planet. Mwooohahahahahaaaaa