It's important to find your right place in the market. Without a clear idea of where abouts you are in comparison to your peers you can't create a distinction for your customers. Anyone buying in to your business needs to understand why it's different from or better than the next person offering the same service.

so what are you really selling?

i don't mean 'what is your product?' i mean what is it that you want your customers to invest in. For example The Sun is selling titilation, Lois Vitton is selling glamour, National Trust is selling Englishness. So what are you selling? it's hard to find a place that's totally unique, but i think there are one of two approaches to creating something that differentiates yourself; 1. create a detailed overview of the market you operate in and look for gaps to fill or 2. put as much of your own personality in to your image as possible, after all the most unique thing in the world is you!