ok. here we go again. i've blogged a few times in the past, but now i'm blogging with intent. this is going to be purely focussed on life as a creative director, at a design agency.

i've been with Preview for almost a year now and it's my second home. everyone says 'i'm on a mission' so i'll say i'm living out my ambitions. when i decided to leave my job in London i really didn't know what i was looking for and it took me a while to realise where i wanted to be and what i wanted to achieve. of all the places i was lucky enough to talk with Preview definately had the most potential for being the 'best of breed'. right now it feels like there is an electric atmosphere of anticipation and energy about the agency's future and it's all begining to fit in to place.

in my work i meet a lot of people and see a great deal different approaches to the same problems. in this blog i aim to share thoses experiences and offer an inside view to the designer's life.