design week and the d&ad

i recently attended a marketing event about social media. one of the speakers said something that really stuck with me (although it wasn't really related to social media!) and that was about getting involved in commentary and debate amongst your industry. i felt it was time i throw my hat in the ring and decided to start writing. i opened design week and saw the editor's comment about 'sharing in the design community' and how good it was that the design council and d&ad were organising various initiatives in london. immediately i fired off a letter asking why these national organisations are not active in any other cities. i also name checked d&ad president simon waterfall.

at best i thought it might get printed, but pretty much expected it to never see the light of day. so you can imagine how suprised i was when simon called my office on friday. it was great to get such an instant reaction. i'm hoping there will be an opportunity, in the near future, to do something that has a real impact on the community. watch this space.