About me

first up i guess i should give you the full run down of who i am and what i do.

i've always drawn. as a child i would spend hours and days drawing the most detailed pictures, but it all really started when i was 13. my school had a 'careers day' where parents come in to the school and tell you about their jobs. i was sat in my design and technology class, not really paying attention, when a red ferrari dino pulled up outside. the sound of the engine was incredible. the driver happened to be someone's dad on his way in to our class to talk about graphic design. maybe it was the ferrari, maybe it was the record covers, maybe it was his mirror avatiors (it was the 80's) but right there i said to my mate 'i'm gonna be a graphic designer'

i graduated from northbrook, having studied graphic design and illustration and spent the following six months doing whatever it took to break in to the design world. i read, i swotted, i wrote, i begged. i eventually did make it. it has not been an easy ride by any measure. i was caught by 'dot com' bubble bursting. i have worked permanently and freelance at agencies in Brighton and London on some huge projects and with some utterly, mind blowingly inspirational people. to say i've learnt a lot, would not really capture the continuous wave of inspiration that hits me every week.

about two years ago i decided i didn't want to commute from brighton to london on a daily basis and i left my job. i spent the following year scouring the south east for a new challenge, something that would help me achieve my lofty ambitions, somewhere that i could be a valued part of building a success.

now i've only been creative director for a relatively short time, but it's proving to a role to relish. it's also a great deal of pressure - almost entirely from myself - but now for the first time i'm only held back by myself. this point of my career will be as successful as i can make it.